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Oak Field School and Sports College


Oak Field School and Sports College
Wigman Road
Tel: 0115 915 3265
Web: www.oakfieldsportscollege.org.uk


Project Status - Completed


The new Oak Field School and Sports College caters for 140 pupils aged 3-19 with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities.


The Project and Design:


The school is designed around a dramatic and exciting learning heart space which has a series of learning pods arranged around it. The building shape and site plan brings together the key challenge of the brief: to create a protective environment for the more vulnerable pupils, whilst opening up to engage with the wider campus environment.

Each pod is simply arranged with classrooms and support spaces placed around a central event space, which, can be opened up or partitioned if required; these pods gather around the central heart so that movement across the building is simply and efficiently achieved. The sixth form centre is part of the 'adult world'; while the key stage pods create a clockwise 'journey through education'.

Oak Field School and Sports College contains a vast amount of facilities including, shower beds, hydrotherapy pool, studio flat, therapy rooms and sports halls. These facilities help pupils to develop and learn life-skills while working to becoming independent.

The school design focuses on developing transformational teaching spaces, which are inspiring, flexible, adaptable and varied for a wide range of learner settings. For instance the 'cave' spaces create an intimate withdrawal space off each class base and a full range of learning styles can be supported within the spaces provided.

The design has been developed in an integrated manner to ensure that architectural, structural frame, mechanical and electrical, environmental, acoustic and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions work together to allow for short-term flexibility and long-term adaptability. The design allows for extendibility at the ends of each wing. The building and furniture design also allows for flexibility: with the use of sliding-folding acoustic partitions, with variable height furniture, and with easily re-locatable loose class furniture.

There are clear pedestrian routes through the site, with community functions and facilities arranged around the entrance.

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