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Hadden Park High School


The Hadden Park High School
Wigman Road

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Web: www.haddenpark.nottingham.sch.uk


Project Status - Complete


The Hadden Park High School was a design and build refurbishment project. The school teaches approximately 900 pupils, promoting a learning environment that focuses on the needs of individual students.

The Project and Design:


The Hadden Park High School, part of the BSF programme sample schemes, had an overall vision to create an integral learning campus with an existing primary school and new special school to be co-located on the site.

The old Hadden Campus to the northwest of the city sat between the Bilborough districts to the South West and Broxtowe to the North East. The actual campus lay immediately North of Wigman Road with main access for vehicles and pedestrians from the North. Though the site was located close to residential accommodation on all sides, it felt cut off and isolated from its local community, a sense exacerbated by the lack of clear routes and destinations within the campus. A majority of students lived to the North East of the school, but a substantial minority lived in Bilborough.

As the campus developed with the refurbishment of the high school, the development of the new special school, the consequential demolition of the existing Shepherd Special School and potential relocation of the existing adjacent council depot, the teams proposed master plan design of strong pedestrian and vehicular routes to improve access, signage and way-finding and coherence across the site, recognising the current routes across the campus. The placement of the community plaza at the heart of the campus was established as a place of decision, from which students could access a wide range of educational and community offerings- a pivotal element of the new arrangement.