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Greenfields Community School


Greenfields Community School
Orange Gardens
The Meadows
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Project Status - Completed


The construction of Greenfields Community School consists of both new build construction and refurbishment works. Phase 1 saw the construction of the new sports hall and the refurbishment of the existing area immediately adjacent to the new hall. Phase 2 consisted of refurbishment works only.


The Project and Design:


Greenfields Community School is a primary school situated within the Meadows area of Nottingham, south of the city centre, which is one of the ten council wards with the highest socio-economic deprivation in the country. The project improved radically the educational provision for the school.

The main school was substantially remodelled. A new and simplified entrance arrangement was formed on the main north-west frontage of the school which can be accessed from a new pedestrian square. This new pedestrian square ensures that the two mature trees are retained and lends an attractive quality to the space.

The existing car-parking was largely retained, but the new works allow pedestrian access directly to the main entrance without crossing the access road as was the case previously. The new entrance now opens to a generous foyer area with a reception desk adjacent, fronting the administration office. Adjacent to this is the large headteacher's office which is sized to accommodate small meetings.

The perimeter accommodation of the main school was remodelled to accommodate two sets of large paired class bases with associated toilet areas, a multi-media studio, as well as a large parents and community room, which can also accommodate cookery activities for children. These paired spaces are linked, and each accommodates space for gathering, reading, ICT, wet activities, table work and cloaks. A door access to a covered outdoor classroom area is now provided to each class base.

The previous central hall space with its higher roof volume was retained in order to provide an excellent café and library facility, supported with a new servery to the kitchen. This can accommodate parents and children at different times of day, for dining, social interaction and informal group work. The hall space is bisected with a dramatic new display wall addressing the entrance to the hall space, and providing a more private zone for art and science behind. Surrounding this central space are a suite of group and specialist rooms including an EMAG group room, a therapy room, group rooms and zones, a large breakout area, a quiet room and a distinctively shaped prayer room. A new staff room with work and social areas is set into an external recessed area between the main school and the year one and year two wing.

A new external canopy wraps around the south and east elevations of the main school, first to reduce solar gain to the class bases, and also to provide a sheltered external learning space outside each classroom. A new canopy has also been introduced to provide a covered link between the main school and the year one and year two wing.

A pitched roof new-build performance and PE hall was also designed; located to the western corner of the new school. The location frames the new pedestrian entrance square with a character new building form, and is clearly visible from all parts of the site, including the foundation unit. It is easily accessed from the rest of the school internally and externally, and two sets of double doors address the playing pitches to the south-west, so that at break time children can easily move between outdoor play areas and the hall. Large picture windows are provided at either end of the hall so that excellent views are afforded from and through the hall to the playing pitches to the south and to the small copse to the north and associated learning and allotment areas.

The foundation unit had relatively light-touch remodelling; with a small number of walls removed to allow the space to operate as an integrated unit, but with six distinctive group areas established with fixed furniture. The ceramic tiled area adjacent to the inner external courtyard of the children's centre, which has limited use currently, is to provide a large area for wet play.

External works modifications were relatively modest. The route between the main school and the foundation unit was animated with a series of pocket areas along its length, accommodating an outdoor classroom area within the copse, an area for a sculpture garden and allotment squares. This was designed to reduce the sense of apparent distance between the two. This approach was supported by alterations to boundary treatments. High fences and hedges were removed between the playing pitches and the main school and foundation areas. The foundation area now has a low fence instead. The high palisade fence between the community garden and the playing fields was replaced with a low fence.

To maintain security the whole of the 'campus' has a high fence around the perimeter. At the beginning and end of the school day the main entrance gates from Orange Gardens and the secondary entrance gate from Bunbury Road are to left open. Outside of these times, the Bunbury Road access will be locked. Pedestrian access to the foundation unit is facilitated in the same way.

The play areas immediately outside class bases were generally excellent, but there were some additional works required to the areas immediately outside of the class bases for year five and six children, ensuring that defined outdoor learning spaces were established adjacent to the main path from Bunbury Street.