The Primary Capital Programme (PCP)

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The Primary Capital Programme (PCP)


The Primary Capital Programme (PCP) was created with an aim to ensure primary schools were fully equipped for the 21st Century, with learning at the heart of the community and with children's services in reach of every family.


The programme ensured that more children can benefit from well-designed classrooms, resources and facilities, with phase 1a now completed within Nottingham.


To date, £18 million has been invested in Nottingham's PCP:


Phase 1


  • Robin Hood Primary School
  • Henry Whipple Primary School
  • Greenfields Community School and Foundation Unit
  • Blue Bell Hill Primary School and Nursery School


Phase 2


  • Sycamore Primary School


Nottingham City Council received an additional £6.5 million to provide a high quality exemplar primary school project following a successful bid to become a pathfinder Local Authority and East Midland's Regional Champion to inform the national rollout of the PCP. Southwark Primary School was selected for this project and has been completely re-built.